‘Cause Life’s Too Short to Have Boring Hair

If you ever met me in person, the first thing you would notice about me is probably that I have three feet of hair.

Now, I’m not sure why I have three feet of hair. There wasn’t really a reason for me to grow it out, but I did, and then it just sort of became part of my identity. I’ve always been the girl with the long hair.

Someday I might donate it, but until then, I need something to do with it. Recently, I’ve been looking to a lot of hairstyles from fantasy/sci-fi movies and TV shows for inspiration. These women are strong, confident, and beautiful, and somehow their hair always looks perfect.

So here are ten hairstyles, for a variety of hair types and textures, that even us mere mortals should be able to at least attempt, in a general order of those on the easier side to those that may be a bit harder.

1) Galadriel from Lord of the Rings– long and simple

Image result for galadriel
If nothing else, a crown or circlet makes for the perfect accessory.

2) Rue from The Hunger Games– practical pigtails

Related image
These honestly look pretty cute on anyone.

3) Katniss from The Hunger Games– classic side braid

Image result for katniss braid
There are tutorials all over the internet for this one. For something a lot more difficult, look at her chariot hairstyles.

4) The Baker’s Wife from Into the Woods– messy bun

Perfect for getting lost in the woods/ stealing someone’s hair/ being on the run from a giant!

5) Guinevere from Merlin– royal style

Image result for guinevere merlin hair

6) Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones– braids upon braids

Image result for daenerys targaryen hair
You’re gonna need more than two hands for this one.

7) Cinderella from Cinderella— the transformation look

Image result for cinderella 2015 hair
Sparkles always add a nice touch~

8) Hermione from Harry Potter– Yule Ball updo


Image result for hermione yule ball hair
That detail! Those accessories!


9) Shuri from Black Panther– wrapped braids

Image result for shuri black panther
Not only could she kill you with a single look, her hair game is NEXT LEVEL.

10) Satsuki from My Neighbor Totoro– for when your hair is a tangled mess after trying all these complicated hairstyles

Image result for satsuki my neighbor totoro
When in doubt, just chop it all off.

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